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Shop and Friend

New Oasis Ankh
2-1 South 3 West 27 Chuou-ku Sapporo-City Hokkaido 064-0803 JAPAN
(5 min.walk from 4 exit Sub.Maruyama-Koen St.)

photo of shop         TEL/FAX 81-11-622−8828
        e-mail; ankhcomip@ybb.ne.jp

This is a beauty salon and viriety store in Maruyama.(opened 2004)
Since we had met at an event, they have supported me a lot.
Owner Ms. Obara is a hairdresser,
she offers you a comfatable space with one sheet only for you.
This shop is full of rare goods collected by her who loves Egypt, and attractive original goods.
They have a free space, they are holding and have held various events many times energetically.
My T-shirts of Ankh original were sold out.

9-3-36 Tsukisamuchuou-Dori Toyohira-ku Sapporo-City Hokkaido 062-0020 JAPAN
(5 min.walk from Sub.Tsukisamu-Chuou St.)

        TEL 81-11-852-0995
photo of shop         FAX 81-11-852-8686

This gallery is familiar for me, displaying my pictures when she has space.
My pictures look beautiful on this white wall.
I enjoy talking with Mrs. Koyanagi! She loves Mountain Climbing.
I am supported with frank opinion of Mrs. Koyanagi who has been looking my works from the beginning.

Coffee shop LEMON HEART
North 9 West 3 Chuou-ku Sapporo-City Hokkaido 060-0009 JAPAN
(5 min.walk from JR Sapporo St.)

        TEL 81-11-746-2602
This is a coffee shop lined with CD owned by the master Mr.Shimada.
He played the CD of Billie Holiday and Lester Young by request of me.
He had displayed my picture of sax“Like Billie & Lester…”before.
This shop is nearby North entrance of Sapporo Station,
and an excellent but little known place.
You can take out the hand made cakes.

Picture book shop HIDAMARI   
3-4-3-20 Shinhassamu Teine-ku Sapporo-City Hokkaido 006-0803 JAPAN
(10 min.walk from JR Inazumi-Koen St.)
        TEL 81-11-695-2120

A specialty Picture book shop…
But I was surprised because this is an usual home!
After we come into the door…take off our shoes…
Owner Mr. Aota read and talk many picture books!(It is good the other people read for me!)
He has given lectures many times.
You will find a big signboard“SUHO AND THE WHITE HORSE”as a guide.

Coffee shop Flower Pot
4-5-1-25 Atsubetsu Higashi Atsubetsu-ku Sapporo-City Hokkaido 004-0004 JAPAN
(15 min.walk, 5 min.car from Sub or JR Shinsapporo St.)

        TEL/FAX 81-11-898-0840

This coffee shop is in quiet houses of Atsubetsu-ku. photo of shop
Hand made goods fill this lovely shop.
“Capricious Set”(\1,000) Mrs. Saeki enjoy cooking is joyful with dessert!
Would you drop in on the way to Nopporo?

5-40-5 Shinkou Otaru-City Hokkaido 047-0152 JAPAN (5 min.walk from Bus-stop Mokko-danchi on Bus from JR Otaru-Chikkou St.)

        TEL/FAX 81-134-54-0661
        e-mail; papa@pine-h.com

This is a Log cabin(pine wood) Pension at Asarigawa-Spa in Otaru.
I have found here on the web site of water color painting.
(I was surprised the pension I know from guide book was there!)
And since I contacted them, I have their advice.
Owner is very energetic for both managements of pension and web site.
His frank wife is a cake artist, too.
Please set your staying here for sightseeing in Otaru!
★They sell Atsuko・Postcards.
Hands on Toy's Kinderlieb   
4-4 Sumiyoshi-cho Otaru-City Hokkaido 047-0015 JAPAN
(10 min.walk from JR Minami-Otaru St. )

photo of shop         TEL/FAX 81-134-24-1031
        e-mail; otarupuff@olive.plala.or.jp

“PUFF in Otaru”(03.7 open) changed the shop name “Kinderlieb”.
PUFF is the toy shop that I have been helped since I lived in Uji.
Mr. and Mrs. Sugimoto wanted to open toy shop in Hokkaido.
Just at that time Mr.Iwaki who is the owner of Uji shop wanted to open another shop in Otaru.
It is happy chanse for me meeting again with Ms.T the staff of this shop,
she was the staff of Uji shop before.
They have large space of free play room.
You should be happy playing various games for present, etc.
They move near by Marchen Crossing and reopen from 9.15/07.
★They sell Atsuko・Postcards.
Atelier CLAIR
21-2 Umegae-cho Otaru-City Hokkaido 047-0044 JAPAN
(3 min.walk from Bus-stop Umegae-cho on Chuo Bus for Otaru Aquarium from JR Otaru St.)

        TEL/FAX 81-134-22-1354

This place is a gallery space opening her house.
Ms.Takahashi has started it after her retirement 3 years ago. She loves cats very much.
She holds planning exhibition once a month, and permanent exhibition.
(She has some original pictures that a foreign painter drew for picture book.)
You can have a tea time here.
Gallery, essay of cats(publishes her books!), making cakes, computer・・・She is enjoying her life.

New Coffee shop Fields
2-6-165 Hanakawa-minami Ishikari-City Hokkaido 061-3202 JAPAN
5 min.walk from Bus-stop Minami1jo5chome or Minami3jo5chome from Sub.Azabu St.

        TEL 81-133-74-8424

We step into this shop, there is the space of culture school.
――I was surprised first time as some sewing machines occupied the space!
But no problem. There is the space of coffee room at the inner part and we can get relaxed.
The breads that the owner Mrs. Noda makes everyday are very delicious and the lunch is popular.
She lends the space for exhibition once a month.
(Then culture school will be closed. At the space that we just step into!)
I had held my exhibitions in 2003 and 05 reponding her call by internet.
She has some culture schools (PC school etc.)
and she sells various hand made goods and materials of men's cloth.

New  Kitchen FARM YARD
913 Nishi Mikawa Yuni-Cho Yubari-Gun Hokkaido 069-1135 JAPAN
(1hour by car from Sapporo )
        TEL 81-1238-6-2580
        FAX 81-1238-6-2520
This Restaurant is in Yuni-cho one hour distance by car from Sapporo.
This is the kitchen covered with wood warmth to remind the reclamation age.
We can enjoy fresh vegetables harvested at this farm to the full.
You can enjoy strawberry gathering on its season.
I drew the work of Farm Yard, and they sell the postcard and others.
★They sell Atsuko・Postcards
 Ristorante Cress
Kita 10 Higashi 3-sen Naganuma-Cho Yubari-Gun Hokkaido 069-1317 JAPAN
(1hour by car from Sapporo ) rogo

        TEL/FAX 81-1238-2-5500

This is the Restaurant Cress in Naganuma-cho next town of Yuni-cho,
one hour distance by car from Sapporo, too.
postcard There are beautiful natural sceneries so close to city.
I will be deceived if someone says that here is Furano.
In the Ishikari plains they have large flower garden, and so we can enjoy a ramble after lunch, too.
It seems joyful visiting there readily to satisfy your appetite and heart leaving daily life a little.
I drew the work of Cress, and they selled the postcard and others,too.
But they finished to sell goods in 2006.

Fancy shop TEBUKURO   
1-23-4 Megumino Nishi Eniwa-City Hokkaido 061-1373 JAPAN
(5 min.walk from JR Megumino St.)

        TEL 81-123-36-3957

Owner Mr. Nin built this Log cabin himself.
This shop is full of fancy goods.
Mr. Nin has his own troupe(ENIWA small theater). He is a great senior of Play.

Postcard Gallery EHAGAKIKAN   
Bibaushi Shigaichi Biei-Cho Kamikawa-Gun Hokkaido 071-0472 JAPAN
(1 min.walk from JR Bibaushi St.  Inside of Youth Hostel )

        TEL 81-166-95-2955
        FAX 81-166-95-2142
logo         e-mail; bibaushi@hokkai.or.jp

This is a hand made Postcard Shop rare in Japan.
photo of shop They moved to inside of Youth Hostel last winter.
Many many postcards made by scores of artists are laid out.
I hold my exhibition before they moved(2002/9),
it is very happy memory that I made friends with guests staying together on the first night.
Please drop in here, if you go sightseeing in Furano and Biei.
(You can have a tea time here.)

★They sell Atsuko・Postcards.
New Furano Prince Hotel Nakagoryo Furano-City Hokkaido 076-8511 JAPAN
(10 min.car from JR Furano St.)

photo of road         TEL 81-167-22-1111
        FAX 81-167-22-1189
This is a shopping road with some Log cabins beside New Furano Prince Hotel.
“Orchestra of Forest”is the shop of Mr.Takagi from Theater Furano-Juku.
Simple and significant dolls shaved woods are playing a beantiful tune.
And so on I have been given to“Box of Night Mist”(Shop of Beads).
This is just the right place for walk after dinner until 9 p.m.

Toy shop KID'S IWAKI・PAFU   
likeness of Mr.Iwaki 31 Ujimyoraku Uji-City Kyoto-Fu 611-0021 JAPAN
(5 min.walk from JR Uji St.)

        TEL 81-774-21-2792
        FAX 81-774-24-4480
        e-mail; mail@kidspuff.com

This is an interesting toy shop on the Shopping Street of Uji Bridge.
Wood toys made in Europe, Picture books, and Books…well stocked.
Owner Mr. Iwaki and all expert and young staffs are energetic.
They have mail-order system, and they send Bulletin to members of PAFU.
They have many wood toys with warmth, I recommend them in celeblation of a birth!
Please drop in here, if you visit to Uji.
They have another shops at Abeno in Osaka and in Otaru.
★They sell Atsuko・Postcards.
KYOTO COOP Meity1F 142-1 Ochiai Makishima-cho Uji-City Kyoto-Fu 611-0041 JAPAN
(7~8 min.walk from Kintetsu Mukaijima St.)

        TEL 81-774-28-1128
        FAX 81-774-28-1127
        e-mail; sbg@hokuou.hongarou.net

photo of shop This was the gallery where I held my exhibition in 2001.
They introduce a lot of books, accessories and etc. of North Europe, and held various events at this place.
Then they finish thier project on the shop at the end of February 2006,
and they will do it on the website.
Please refer their website.

Japanese tea shop KANBAYASHI   
28 Renge Uji Uji-City Kyoto-Fu 611-0021 JAPAN(Branch shop on Byodoin-Dori)
(5 min.walk from Keihan Uji St.)

        TEL 81-774-21-2555

This is the commemorative shop that I held my first exhibition.
There are 3 shops KANBAYASHI in Uji, this branch shop is on street to Byodoin.
Served Japanese tea is good!
In this time I saw first the sights of Uji where I had lived for 16 years.
On Byodoin-Dori, I like the Dumpling shop opposite of KANBAYASHI
and Japanese tea shop IZUMIEN(Tea dumpling is good taste), too.

Coffee shop JAGAIMO   
likeness of Yachan 15-2 Umoji Uji Uji-City Kyoto-Fu 611-0021 JAPAN
(1 min.walk from JR Uji St.)


Miss Yacchan runs alone happily.
Small and cute coffee shop filled with regulars.
You can learn the events of Uji on her site.
(Likeness was drawn by Yuka, her guest.)

New  Rose Tea Room
tea pot tea cup 34-24 Asahigaoka-cho Suita-City Osaka-Fu 564-0083 JAPAN
15 min.walk from JR Suita St. North entrance

        TEL/FAX 81-6-6821-4905
This is the tea room that Mrs. Yukawa started (She is a housewife, too.) when they built their new house this spring.
She is particular about England and Rose, and all of tea cups and saucers are her collection.
You can feel rich served tea with large tea pot.
I like the shortcake of grapefruit her original specially.
I hold my exhibition here by introduction, and I spent very happy 4 days on November 04.

*I look for shops possible to consign my postcards!
(regardless of inside or outside of Japan)
If you know something, please tell me.

Ms. Sakae Kuroda painting2


She is a professional painter active in Kyoto.
I like unique individuality and colors of her pictures.
She is only artist I want to look exhibition by any means !?

Photo Artist Goo's Garden Ms. Kazuko Naoi
        e-mail; goorei@yahoo.co.jp

She is a photo artist of flower. We have known each other through this web site.
She takes pictures as she likes flowers purely. Her womanly sensitivity appeals to me. They are very beautiful!
Shop FRIENDS 21 in Teine Keijinkai Hospital consigns our postcards.

Knit Doll Artist Ms. Naoko Tamura

She is Naosuke who wrote message on my BBS.
Her Knit Dolls are defferent from others!
If you visit at art shop“Hot Art”in Sapporo Factory,
you can met her tiny Knit Dolls.

Workshop YUKINKO Ms. Yukiko Sano painting1

        TEL/FAX 81-166-95-2038

She is an artist living in Nakafurano from Kyoto.
I have met her at“Picture book shop HIDAMARI”. painting2
We have seen our postcards each other at“EHAGAKIKAN”.
She had opened her shop Workshop YUKINKO
rent for the house former “EHAGAKIKAN”(1 min.walk from JR Bibaushi St.  Beside of Youth Hostel ) (2003 only).

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